In addition to our business activities and the company’s mission statement in its narrowest sense, Salvis AG is also involved in many other areas of the business world and everyday life. We take particular responsibility for the encouragement of young people by offering professional training. This includes internships for enthusiastic junior staff including nurturing by our professionals and board members, for example by providing events at higher education institutions.

“Expertise is critical for our work as project developers. But the real difference is the application of practical experience. Being able to pass this directly onto our talented junior staff is an important issue, in which I am happy to invest my time.“

Tim Wiesener, Salvis Consulting AG

Salvis AG managing director Tim Wiesener plays a significant role in this regard. Amongst other things he is an active member of the advisory board of Management Circle AG, one of Germany’s most prestigious higher education providers for professionals and senior managers. The annual Management Circle Immobilienforum (real estate forum) in Munich has established itself as the sector’s unofficial No. 1 Spring event and is regularly hosted by Tim Wiesener himself. Salvis has also sponsored the accompanying evening event for many years now.

Tim Wiesener also imparts his expertise as a lecturer in project development as part of the Kontaktstudiengang Immobilienökonomie (practical real estate economics course) at the Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft (ADI) in Munich. Salvis AG is also involved in other activities at the ADI. Every year group is required to submit collective theses on particular project developments. This is co-ordinated by us: from the selection of the projects through to marking the work.