Cost-benefit calculations provide important key indicators. But these alone are not enough. The critical factors for the success of a real estate project are the wishes and expectations of the local population. That’s why Salvis asks these types of questions for each and every project and makes careful note of the answers from prospective tenants, visitors, local residents and all neighbouring occupiers. This makes it possible to bring all viewpoints under one roof and drive the success of our projects.

From the moment Salvis AG was founded, in addition to its project development activity the company has developed an advisory concept for the professional work-through of distressed properties for the banking sector. The previously typical exit route via forced sale has been replaced by a professional workout/risk management concept developed by Salvis comprising new, creative and efficient solution models. In the course of numerous mandates from banks, we have been able to minimise credit risks by over €400 million and in some cases avoid losses altogether.

In terms of this service segment, Salvis has been predominantly active on behalf of major German commercial banks and credit institutes, from people’s banks and co-operative banks to the association of savings banks.

This process has meanwhile become implemented at almost all banks via the establishment of dedicated departments for workout as standard.

“One must perceive a building as if it were built with joy”

Ulrich O. Fischer, member of the management board


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