Sustainability is a critical component of project developments by Salvis AG.

It is no wonder that our clients and partners have a high regard for our real estate project developments, mainly because of their energy efficient and highly economical construction type.

The sustainability of our projects is no idle promise, but is monitored objectively by independent authorities and may in individual cases be confirmed by certification. One example is the development NOVE by Citterio in Munich’s Arnulfpark: the innovative office building has been awarded a LEED Platinum certification and the MONA project in Munich-Moosach has obtained a LEED Gold certification!

It’s good to know: LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is now a globally accepted green building rating system for the award of sustainability certifications developed in the USA in 1998. The certificates are awarded only to buildings, which conform to the highest standards for environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and thus highly sustainable construction.